Weddings, visitors, & engagements


It was a busy weekend! I’m (almost) glad it’s Monday. I spent all day Saturday in Sioux City shopping with my friend Ashley. We started out working on stuff for her wedding and then hit some other stores later just because we were there. It was an all-day trip but it didn’t seem like it because we were having so much fun!


Yesterday Chad & I ran to Yankton for some groceries; we’re going to a potluck dinner on Wednesday and I didn’t have everything I needed for it. Then we raced home to pick up the house before a friend and his 19 month old daughter came over to watch the NASCAR race with us. Once they arrived I learned just how much stuff I have sitting on shelves within the reach of a curious toddler!! She was more than happy to “help” me clean them off. They stayed most of the afternoon then headed home for a nap. Chad and I finished watching the race, took a short nap, finished some blankets I’ve made for charity, and got the ingredients for a salad I’m making for Wednesday chopped up.


My brother Nick called last night with some pretty big news. He went to Washington DC to visit his girlfriend JoAnna and celebrate her birthday. Well, they have something extra to celebrate now – they’re ENGAGED! It seems a strange to think of my “little” brother as a grown-up, but I guess he is so I’d better get used to it. JoAnna will be a wonderful addition to our family!

Other notes:

New pictures are up on Flickr. I finally got my most recent engagement session uploaded, along with the rest of my quilts and some other odds and ends.

The new landscaping is managing to survive this hot weather – although the water bill might not! I will be taking pictures in the next couple of days but probably won’t get them posted until next week.

The new windows have arrived! 🙂 Now we just need to get them picked up and installed. We have to pick them up this week, but installation won’t be happening quite that quickly. I’m hoping for mid-July, but it depends on so many things.

Well, that’s today’s update. Lots to do this week, so I may or may not get another post in before we head south to spend the weekend at my parents’ house. Have a safe and happy Independence Day!!

About mrsleise

I am a thirty-something woman trying to create a new life after the death of my husband. I am employed at a postsecondary educational institution. I also create quilts and shoot photographs. I just happen to be lucky enough to get paid for doing both.
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