Eight things for 2008

I had this great post planned to welcome in the new year, but work and other problems have prevented me from getting it up. So instead I’m giving you a list – 8 things that I’m really excited about for 2008.

  1. My brother’s wedding. I only have the one sibling (and he’s younger than me), so this is a pretty big event. Especially since I got married at the courthouse on a Thursday without any of my family present. Chad is going to be the best man and I’m taking the pictures so there will be plenty to do!
  2. New babies. A couple of friends are expecting babies this year. Who doesn’t love a baby – especially when they get cranky you can send them home?
  3. Another wedding. One of my best friends is getting married a week after my brother. I’m a bridesmaid (or is it bridesmatron?) so there will be plenty to do for this one too, but we’re also doing some fun things.
  4. Our 5th wedding anniversary. As of now we’re not doing anything like taking a trip (a replacement honeymoon for the one we spent in Vegas sharing a hotel room with 3 of Chad’s guy friends perhaps?) but it just doesn’t seem possible that we’ve been married that long. I’m hoping we’ll do something to make the day special – dinner at a nice restaurant or flowers at work (or maybe both – hint, hint Chad).
  5. Treadle sewing machine. Chad bought me a 100 year old treadle sewing machine last summer (for practically nothing!) and I haven’t had a chance to get it cleaned up. Once it’s had a good cleaning and has been oiled, the plan is to move it into the living room where I can piece quilt tops in the evenings and visit with Chad. The upstairs sewing room isn’t really big enough for 2 people and it’s hard to carry on a conversation over my electric sewing machine(s) anyway. This way we can still enjoy our evenings and I can get some work done too. I’m still keeping my current machine, but it will be upstairs in the sewing room and used mostly for quilting.
  6. Home repairs/remodels. As always, we have several home projects planned for this year. We’re hoping that we don’t have another one forced on us like we did last year with the town and the storm ditch. We’re hoping to finish the bathroom we started a couple of years ago (just needs a new tub/shower), finish replacing windows and get a deck built off of the kitchen. That should be enough to keep us busy all summer, but if not, we should probably try to paint the house too.
  7. New quilt ideas. I love trying new patterns. With the new babies that are arriving this year (see #2), I will be making several baby quilts. Since I’d hate for siblings to have the same quilts, I’ll be looking for different patterns than I’ve used in the past. I also like to make the quilts big enough so that they can be used for more than a year or two, so I have a larger pool of patterns to choose from. And for the first time, I’m trying a block of the month group. I’ve chosen a focus fabric and a background. Each month I’ll get the pattern for a block with 1 or 2 smaller pieces of fabric that are needed to complete that block. At the end of the year I’ll have 12 finished blocks to complete the quilt top. I’m really excited about this!
  8. New technology. I just got a new cell phone. I’m hoping to be able to get a couple of new toys for my camera. We gave my dad an iP*d for Christmas – now he has to get a new computer so that he can add music to it. Once he makes that purchase, I’ll get to help him set things up and introduce him to the wonders of the internet.

So there it is. My list for 2008.

    About mrsleise

    I am a thirty-something woman trying to create a new life after the death of my husband. I am employed at a postsecondary educational institution. I also create quilts and shoot photographs. I just happen to be lucky enough to get paid for doing both.
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    One Response to Eight things for 2008

    1. Christie says:

      This is a nice list. Instead of resolutions that we know we’ll never keep, its nice to see what you’re looking forward to!

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